Drytech is unique in the industry in that it is not dedicated to any particular type of equipment or process, so it is not restricted in its approach to solving client process requirements. Drytech prides itself on solving processing problems using 'a first principles' design and development approach. This allows Drytech to offer a wide range of processing solutions.

To ensure Drytech technology development remains leading edge, in-house trials and R&D are carried out continuously. This enables Drytech to enhance current technology as well as devise new and innovative solutions for drying and thermal processing requirements. The final objective is to create the perfect balance between price, specification and performance. This includes criteria such as "availability", wear, optimising maintenance, operator interaction, and fuel efficiency.

Drytech has become an internationally recogised partner due to its ability to focus on the development, engineering, construction and commissioning of turnkey installations.

The secret of Drytech's success lies in the concept and design of its range of equipment, which provides high levels of performance, durability and economy. Although each system varies according to client's specifications, state of the art technology has made the Drytech range of equipment the preferred choice for drying, calcining, cooling & similar thermal processing requirements around the world.

Cost-effective, flexible, reliable, customised solutions are what you can expect when Drytech becomes your thermal processing partner!


Technologies include:

  • Flash drying
  • Spray Drying
  • Fluid bed drying (static and vibrated)
  • Rotary Drying
  • Roto louver drying
  • Conveyor drying
  • Vacuum Drying (Batch or continuous)
  • Calcination (oxidation processes or reduction processes)
  • Pyrolisis
  • Material blending
  • Solids cooling