Drytech's solutions to thermal processing, moisture removal, cooling or molecular transformation requirements are not dryer-type specific. Its range of dryers covers spray, flash, fluid bed, rotary, conveyor, freeze, infra-red, indirect, reactors, calciners, cabinet as well as custom designed equipment. Drytech identifies and refines the particular process requirements before selecting a suitable dryer for the application. For example, Drytech has concentrated on specific food processing areas, and has developed cost-effective and efficient units for cereal processing, including puffing, popping, roasting, toasting, and "enrobing" (coating & drying) as well as the processing of high volumes of products for the pet and animal feed industry. Drytech also focuses on drying agricultural products from carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, fruit & vegetables through herbs & spices. These conveyor type processing units are designed, manufactured and supplied with varying degrees of sanitary design and are fully automated. Specialised controls and equipment for recipe management are included that permit product changeover at the touch of a button

Drytech manufactures similar conveyor processing equipment for minerals, metallic compounds, pellets, granules, etc. These machines are supplied with pre-formers (Extruders) and are particularly suited to fine or dusty products which generate minimal environmental (known as "nuisance" or "fugitive") dust.