Welcome to Drytech

Drytech was established in 1981 by Harry Traub with the purpose of providing tailored thermal drying solutions for the mineral, chemical and food industries. The company has developed over the last 30 years into a leading thermal process engineering company offering it's clients tailored designed solutions and equipment to meet their processing requirements. This philosophy extends from pilot plant development and testing through to turnkey installations.

Through the years Drytech has developed a wealth of in-house expertise along with an extensive laboratory and pilot plant facility, where continual research and development of improving existing and developing new technologies are tested. Drytech has successfully developed numerous complex thermal processes based ranging from mineral concentrate flash dryers to high temperature reduction kilns and continuous vacuum dryers. Drytech has developed a strong reputation, both on the local market and international arena, for providing innovative design solutions to thermal processing problems and a reputation for providing robust and durable processing equipment.

Drytech is privileged to have qualified as a member of the technology top 100 club in 1994 / 1995 / 1997 and was the category award winner 1997. The company also received the management of technology excellence award in 2000.

Industries we served:

  • Mining & Minerals
  • Food - Cereals - Snacks - Dairy
  • Biomass
  • Fine Chemicals & Polymers
  • Web & Textiles 

Over the years, Drytech has gained the reputation of being a world leader in concentrate drying. Drytech's outstanding processing equipment is selected by the world's leading mining houses to increase reliability and reduce operation costs, significantly enhancing the client's profitability.

Drytech's wide ranging pilot plant facilities have engendered unique insights into the drying requirements of mineral concentrates. With a detailed understanding of the handling multiplicity of heat and mass transfer processing systems, Drytech's range of innovative solutions are both productive and efficient.

Recent developments in furnace & smelting operations call for bone dry, free flowing concentrate for material transport and injection into furnaces. Consistent, reliable and fully automated drying has become an integral part of every smelting operation.

Development and advances in flash drying and spray drying technology by Drytech have created a paradigm shift in dryer selection criteria for these applications. These advances in technology have proved that flash drying or spray dyring, as well as their variations, are the preferred and recommended methods for drying mineral concentrates. Targeting the impossible, Drytech continues to refine, progress and develop new concepts for this application.